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A Certified End of Life Doula is a support person who provides non-judgmental, non-medical, holistic support to those near the end of life. They may also offer/provide support to family and friends of the dying or recently passed.

Some responsibilities may consist of the following, depending on the CEOLD’s expertise.

  • Patient Care Advocates provide healthcare community resources when needed and desired.
  • Caregiver or companionship services
  • Standing vigils at the bedside of a dying client when time permits
  • Grief support
  • Providing comfort to a terminally ill individual by holding their hand and attentively listening to their fears, life anecdotes, and end-of-life desires. Potentially offering support in transforming these narratives into a meaningful legacy project.
  • Assist with coordinating a Celebration of Life event (a party with family and friends while transitioning to the afterlife so loved ones can say their final goodbyes while still living).

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